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Stats Of Note

Our overall winning percentage = 41.0%

Top two picks overall winning percentage = 56.9%

Top two picks overall place percentage = 77.0%

Average odds of winner when first pick = $ 3.50 :1

Average odds of winner when first or second pick = $ 3.62 :1

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Use of SIMUBET services and the SIMUSHEET contents and information is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the user.

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Win With Simubet

With so many variables coming into play for harness racing handicappers, it is more important than ever to be equipped with all the tools necessary to make money playing the horses.

Try Simubet today. You can download a free SimuSheet and improve your chances of making money, instead of leaving money, at the track.

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How Does Simubet Make Race Selections?

Photo of standardbred racehorse

We have determined a number of key factors in the outcome of races.

Here is list of some of the biases that determine our picks:

  • post positions
  • last quarter
  • if some horses are rated same, better last quarter determines standing
  • date last raced
  • finished in money
  • up or down in class
  • coming from other tracks
  • long lay offs
  • breaking stride last out
  • driver biases
  • parked out factor

Benefits Of Simubet

In conjunction with your Daily Racing Programs, the information contained in our  Simusheet will make it much easier for you to determine contenders. It will also give you the opportunity to select and play more races at the various standardbred tracks.

Each Simubet track listed will have its own Simusheet and website link. Our  handicapping information is as accurate as possible and is updated on a daily basis.

It must be noted that driver and equipment changes, track conditions and other influences posted prior to race time may impact the ratings and these factors should be taken into consideration. Due to early entries and late scratches, post position numbers could also be affected and should be verified prior to betting.

Our New Site Design

The new Simubet site has been designed with function in mind. We know you want to access racing information quickly and we've designed the new site using CSS to assist in speedy download time. Our statistical data, however, will still be presented in table format, because that is the most efficient way of presenting tabular data.

You'll notice that the theme is black, grey and white. This has been done to improve Simubet's accessibility to those visitors who may be, for instance, vision impaired. We believe it enhances readability for all visitors.

You also may notice that we've done away with moving, blinking sections of the site. This is also part of Simubet's move toward accessibility. We believe that the web, as racing, should be accessible to all persons.

We appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding our new direction in Simubet's web presence.